SoundTaste is the online wine shop that offers the best value for money with a rich catalogue of Italian and foreign wine excellence. In our catalogue you can find a wide selection of the best white and red wines, Italian sparkling wines, Franciacorta, Champagne, Rum, Gin, Whisky, distillate and spirits.


White champagne is obtained from refermentation in bottle of wine produced with white or black grapes. The grape varieties used can be Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier which give a fragrant and fruity aroma.


Rosé champagne is a blend in which red wines and reserve wines confer to it the characteristic color. Fresh taste followed by a fruity and armonic sensation. Of a full-bodied aroma, with delicate notes of strawberry, cherries and red fruits.


Have you to do a present to a person but have no idea of what to gift?
You will find refined and stylish champagne in gift-boxes to buy. With these boxes you will gift an excellent champagne, either to you or to someone else.


Soundtaste is your online wine shop where you can buy numerous Italian wines from different parts of our country.
Choose the region you want or the type of wine (red, white or rosé) that you prefer or want to know.


Where you can find your Rum, Whisky, Brandy, Scotch and many more by choosing your bottle among the many manufacturers, the different vintages of production or the years of aging and without neglecting the format that is most comfortable.


Here you can find all the distillates, spirits and liquors essential to any good bartender or hospitable host. If you are an experienced mixologist instead our wide selection will be able to meet all your most exotic and refined requests.


A wide assortment of labels that will engage you in an escalation of emotions.
Napa Valley Chardonnay, Chablis, the best Chateaux, Cognac, Armagnac, Porto represent the best of the international wine scene.


Wide selection of products in the section of gastronomic specialties.
Wide range of: jams of fruit preserves, chocolate, coffee in capsules, honey, balsamic vinegar, flavored salt, special sugars and many other refined products.

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The online wine shop SoundTaste has selected for you the most awarded wines, a catalog of excellence to taste the best of Italian and international wine. Discover the award-winning wines Tre Bicchieri from Gambero Rosso and the best wines according to the most influential international rankings.


Gambero Rosso (Italian specialized magazine) uses a "simplified" classification method. The best wines ranked in their annual guide are ranked in one, two and three glasses. A wine rated TRE BICCHIERI represents the pinnacle of the Italian wine elite.

Premiati Tre Bicchieri 2019 Vini Premiati Tre Bicchieri 2018 Vini Premiati Tre Bicchieri 2017 Vini Premiati Tre Bicchieri 2016 Vini Premiati Tre Bicchieri 2015


Assessing the quality of a wine is a complex operation, the most widely used rating systems internationally are in cents or twenty. The pennies assessment, invented by the American critic Robert Parker in 1978, is certainly the most widespread method. SoundTaste presents its own wine catalogue with ratings above 86/100.

Wine Enthusiast

Wine Awarded Wine Enthusiast

Definitely the most "American" ranking.

Wine Spectator Top 100

Wine Spectator is a lifestyle magazine that focuses on wine culture.

Vinous Award-winning wines

Vinous by Antonio Galloni is one of the most influential wine publications in the world.

Robert Parker's best labels

Robert M. Parker Jr. is a critic of American wine. Its valuations are very important in the American market.

James Suckling Award-winning wines

Suckling is one of the most influential wine critics in the world.

Richard Juhlin's tastings

Richard Juhlin holds the world record since 1998 in the number of champagnes tasted.

Australian Wine Companion

James Halliday is an Australian wine critic.

The best wines according to falstaff

Falstaff is the most important lifestyle magazine in central Europe specializing in wine.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages must be moderate and conscious, non-responsible alcohol use may involve serious risks to the health and safety of individuals and their civil coexistence. To purchase alcohol, you must be of age in accordance with the law of your country
(18+ for Italian citizens).

Whiskys awarded by Whisky Advocate

Whiskys awarded by Whisky Advocate

More than 150 types of whiskey have had a review published in the issue of Whiskey Advocate released in autumn 2019. From single malt and scotch mixed with bourbon, distilled from rye, Irish, Canadian and Japanese whiskey and more. Among them are the 10 best whiskeys awarded by Whisky Advocate, the types that scored the most among those analyzed leaving aside collectible bottles or Choices by editors. These 10 whiskies are among those sold in the United States that received a score of 93 or higher. read more
Diferencias entre Champagne, Prosecco y Spumante

Diferencias entre Champagne, Prosecco y Spumante

There's always a good chance in life to uncork a bottle of bubbles, but what's the difference between Prosecco and Sparkling?  What about Champagne? How does it differ in addition to having high costs and maximum prestige? Let us now see one by one, these sublime products, to understand their characteristics and above all to what occasion it is better to associate them. read more

SoundTaste was born to combine the pleasure of drinking well with the convenience of the online wine shop. If you are going to celebrate an important event with a good Champagne, if you want to entertain your friends with a brilliant aperitif made of Prosecco, if you want to impress on a gallant date with your skills as a mixologist or if you just want to enjoy a large glass of wine during dinner our wine shop is the perfect place to satisfy your desires.

All you have to do is search among our proposals for the bottle that best suits your needs and wait to receive it at home quickly, safely and above all with maximum comfort. We are proud to offer you a more competent, effective and above all affordable service - wines and spirits are actually offered at wholesale prices - from all our competitors.

However, if you do not consider yourself an expert in wines and spirits and you are concerned not to be followed personally during the purchase phase do not discourage you; we know we thought of you while we were doing our virtual wine shop. The figure of the seller willing to help you and advise you is replaced on our site by a series of guides, all written by the most authoritative voices in the industry - you will be able to direct your choices and take you to the perfect bottle.

Simply choose the category you are most interested in, such as the category reserved for Champagne Rosé, and then restrict the search thanks to the advice offered by the Gambero Rosso that through the simple and intuitive system TRE BICCHIERI classifies every year the excellence of the Italian and international wine scene evaluating each label with one, two or three glasses. If this selection criterion does not satisfy you, you can choose your spirit based on the cents rating popularized by the American critic Robert Parker in 1978 and that our online wine shop makes available to you through a selection of bottles called 86+ AWARDED, which indicates all the bottles present at the different scales of the highest percentile.

If you are a connoisseur, or a true expert in the field who loves good drink knows that we have also thought of you; not only will we be happy to fulfill your most complicated or coveted requests, but we would also like to present some interesting jewelry reported by real industry giants such as the American WINE ENTHUSIAST ranking, or the WINE SPECTATOR Top 100 concludes with the selection practiced by FALSTAFF one of the most recognized lifestyle magazines specialized in winemaking in Central Europe. If you prefer to trust the opinion of our own professionals we will be happy to present the labels awarded by Antonio Galloni and his prestigious Vinous.

If the tips of the editorial staff and collectives do not seem constant and you prefer to rely on a single critic with which you are in tune, we can propose the selection of labels prepared by Robert M. Parker Jr., the wines awarded by Suckling, or the wines bottles marked by the tastings of Richard Juhlin who has held the world record since 1998 for the number of champagnes tasted. Finally, if you are looking for a different, more exotic and original opinion, you should rely on the reports of James Halliday renowned Australian critic.

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