Domaines Schlumberger Muscat Les Princes Abbés 2009

Domaines Schlumberger Muscat Les Princes Abbés 2009


Domaines Schlumberger Muscat Les Princes Abbés 2009

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Grapes : Muscat D'Alsace 50% , Muscat Ottonel 50%
Vintage : 2009
Bottle : 75 cl

Muscat is a very ancient grape variety, first mentioned in 1510. Of eastern  origin and very different to the sweet Muscat, it is the result of a blend of two  grape varieties, Muscat d’Alsace grapes and Muscat Ottonel. (Blended in equal  proportions at Domaines Schlumberger. Location: Muscat is a delicate, very sensitive grape variety. This wine mainly comes from  the Bollenberg and Bux plots. Being very difficult, our Muscat is unfortunately  not available every year. Winemaking: a blend, in aqual proportions, of two varieties of Muscat d’Alsace and Muscat  Ottonel. The grapes are pressed pneumatically followed by static settling of  the must. Fermentation takes place in temperature controlled tuns from 1 to 4  months. The wine is raised on the less for 4 months and bottled within the  year Tasting: technical: sheet by M. Pascal Leonetti : Best Sommelier of France 2006 The robe is a light yellow with green reflections of average intensity. The disk  is bright, limpid and transparent. The wine shows youth. The nose is frank, pleasant with a good intensity. It is distinguished, and one  notes a dominant of floral fragrances, lily flower, peppermint, chlorophyll.  Airing enhances the floral character and reveals the citrus fruits, the candied  lemon and the spices, the ginger. The nose is flattering; it expresses the heady  profile of the Muscat. Very pleasant! The onset in the mouth is moderately ample, the alcoholic base is balanced.  One evolves on an edgy and incisive medium, marked with a sparkling note.  The range of aromas reminds the nose, with a floral dominant, lily flower,  chlorophyll, peppermint and ginger. One feels a slight bitterness. The final presents an average length, 6 caudalies and a frank vivacity. Serving:  I like to serve it at the beginning of the meal with fresh asparagus and cooked  ham or fresh goat cheese with chives. To be served at a temperature of 12°C. Tecnical informations:  Alcohol : 12,18°.  Acidity : 3,79 grs/l.  Residual sugar : 0,6 grs/l

Typology White
Vintage 2009
Wine Characteristics Biologico
Size 75 cl
Main Vine Muscat Ottonel


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The Schlumberger family, in fact, trace their origins to the 16th century when the founder Claus settled in eastern France after leaving his native German region of Baden-Wurtemberg. The family initially devoted marginal attention to the vineyards, focusing on industry but, after the disasters of the Second World War, the wine business became primary. Over time, the possessions of the fashion house became rich of the best Cru area, including 4 Grand Crus, thus projecting the company among the best in Alsace. The process of constant improvement is still in place thanks to an incessant manual labor in the vineyard, increasingly focused on the biodynamic and eco-sustainability, combined with the introduction of technological innovations in the cellar, that allow the house to establish itself as a Schlumberger the best wineries of Alsace.

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