Assenzio Tatsumi Distillery 50 cl

Manufacturer Tatsumy Distillery


Assenzio Tatsumi Distillery 50 cl

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Size 50 cl

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Vol : 58%
Bottle : 50 cl

It was part of the therapeutic remedies since the time of the ancient Egyptians who recommended it as tonic, painkiller and remedy to the fever and dates back to 1600 before Christ. Pythagoras and Hippocrates praised the virtues as it was considered antiseptic by having beneficial effects on health. During the last two centuries has been the object of worship, inspiring muse and topic of discussion both in the intellectual lounges and in the most sordid taverns. Alcoholic beverage nicknamed the PERIL VER (the green danger) with reference to the colour of the drink and the sometimes "magical" atmosphere in which the people who consumed it were lost. Over the years the recipe has been dampened, greatly reducing the amount of absinthe. Basic spirit: Shochu of sweet potatoes, chicory Shochu. Botanicals: 8 Botanicals (Absinthe, anise etc.). Tasting notes: Sweet note derived from the shochu of sweet potatoes, with absinthe and anise. On the palate milky sweetness derived from licorice, clean, but with a complex aftertaste.


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