Whisky Oban 14 Y 70 cl

Manufacturer Oban Distillery


Whisky Oban 14 Y 70 cl

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Bottle : 70 cl
Vol . : 43%

Oban 14 year old is a Single malt whisky from the Western Highlands in Scotland. It has a yellow gold color, the nose is spicy and robust with mild notes of sulphur and peat and then follow the sweetest and freshest scents of flower essences. The first taste is sweet but with a dry, delicate and slightly peated finish. The 14 year old Oban whisky is characterized by a sweet fruity and peaty aroma with a sweet, spicy and enveloping taste and a slightly sapid and smoked aftertaste.

Size 70 cl


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Oban Distillery

Product by: Oban Distillery

In 1883 the Oban becomes the property of J. Walter Higgen ready to exploit the potential of the new railway line that ran from Oban to Glasgow; in fact the distillery in those years saw an increase in demand for whiskey and to satisfy the demand was gradually dismantled, rebuilt and enlarged, while his alembics were faithfully reproduced with all the other traditional elements, all in order to preserve the unique taste of its distillation. The Oban was a great distillery and was self-sufficient: the water came from Lake Ardconnel and also had a great supply of peat. His problem was space, the distillery surrounded by the city now had no room for growth. In later years things did not go well, in 1898 was bought by Alexander Edward, already owner of Altmore, but when the latter failed to Oban was an inevitable backlash. Finally in 1923, after the acquisition by a group of entrepreneurs, the Distillery started despite two closed seasons, from 1931 to 1937 due to the global crisis of whiskey due of prohibition in the United States and between 1968 and 1972 due to reconstruction works. Today the distillery is owned by Diageo.
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