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Baileys 1 l

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The Baileys exclusive recipe is a voluptuous blend of top-quality cream, three-fold whiskey and refined alcohol: Irish Excellence enclosed in a single bottle. Every single drop of Baileys cream is provided by small, family-run Irish farms. Each year, 38,000 Irish dairy cows breed over 220 million litres of fresh cream, intended for the creation of the Baileys. These cows, called "Baileys Ladies", spend 300 days a year outdoors, in the lush Irish countryside, breathing pure air and listening to their favorite music (or would it be better to say Hany-sica?). Happy cows for an exquisite cream! And the most refined cream deserves equally fine ingredients. This is why we have combined it with the high quality aged whiskey of Irish distilleries, luxurious vanilla pods and cocoa beans with an intense flavor for an original chocolate scent that makes Baileys so unique.


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Baileys Over 80% of the ingredients are of Irish origin: the cream, supplied by two companies, is produced from the milk of cows raised in 1500 about 40,000 farms of Ireland\'s east coast; whiskey, provided by \"The Old Midleton Distillery\" the County of Cork, is a blend of three whiskeys. Within 36 hours of milking, the milk cream is mixed with whiskey, then the flavors are added: cocoa, vanilla, caramel and sugar. According to the manufacturer, Baileys has a shelf life of 24-30 months Bottling, stored at a temperature between 0 ° and 25 ° (32-77 ° F), away from light.

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