Bayleis 1 l

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Bayleis 1 l

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Bottle : 1 l

The Baileys Original Irish Cream is a perfect combination, created by the union of cream, Irish whiskey, spirits and fine contributions from natural scents.

Size 100 cl


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Product by: Baileys

Over 80% of the ingredients are of Irish origin: the cream, supplied by two companies, is produced from the milk of cows raised in 1500 about 40,000 farms of Ireland's east coast; whiskey, provided by "The Old Midleton Distillery" the County of Cork, is a blend of three whiskeys. Within 36 hours of milking, the milk cream is mixed with whiskey, then the flavors are added: cocoa, vanilla, caramel and sugar. According to the manufacturer, Baileys has a shelf life of 24-30 months Bottling, stored at a temperature between 0 ° and 25 ° (32-77 ° F), away from light.
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