Gin Bombay Sapphire 1 L

Manufacturer Bombay Sapphire


Gin Bombay Sapphire 1 l

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Size 100 cl

14,59 €

Vol : 40%
Bottle : 1 l

Produced since 1761 in Lancachire, Bombay Sapphire contains ten natural ingredients, each of which helps to enrich the complexity of this "super-premium brand." We use juniper berries harvested in Tuscany, coriander seeds from Morocco. But among all the ingredients, what affects most deeply sull'aroma final is the root of iris. The gin is a liqueur strong, clear, colorless typically produced from the distillation of grain, wheat and barley to which are added juniper berries. The name comes from the name of the distillate of juniper plants that produce berries. Juniper berries give the liquor a typical flavor and aroma easily recognizable.


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