Rum Malibu 1 l

Manufacturer Pernod Ricard


Rum Malibu 1 l


Size 100 cl

Bottle : 1l
Vol . : 21°

Malibu is a rum-based liqueur with unique characteristics: its unique flavor is in fact obtained by the addition of coconut and sugar of high quality. Already label, with its references to the tropics, Malibu evokes the Caribbean lifestyle: sunny and very relaxed. No coincidence that his slogan is "Get Your Island On" awakens your desire for fun as it happens every day in the Caribbean. Unique is the perfect young compared to the classic drinks. With its sweet and extremely pleasant has no direct competitors in Italy. Malibu is produced in Barbados, in the West Indies Rum Distillery, surrounded by white beaches of fine sand and crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. Aged for 1 or 2 years, Malibu is easy to drink, thanks to its low alcohol content and taste sweet and refreshing.


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