Vodka Keglevich Menta 1 l

Manufacturer Keglevich


Vodka Keglevich Menta 1 l

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Bottle : 1 l
Vol . : 20°

Vodka Keglevich was born in 1882 from a passion for this distillate of Count Stephan of Hungary Keglevich, that idea recipe and production process. Reliable in quality and versatility, Keglevich Dry Vodka is produced today than in the original recipe that includes triple-distilled grain alcohol at 100%. The heart and the soft-bodied flavor make it to appreciate in versions shot and give a strong mixabilità which makes it an ideal ingredient for all types of cocktails. Modern, dynamic and Kool: This is the portrait of the variants of Keglevich fruit, which come from pure Keglevich Vodka with juice and fruit flavors. 10 innovative and refined tastes, always in step with new trends and changing tastes of consumers, able to satisfy the palates of all lovers.

Size 100 cl


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