Bas Armagnac Clos Martin VSOP 8 Ans


Bas Armagnac Clos Martin VSOP 8 Ans

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Size 70 cl

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Grapes : Ugni Blanc, Colombard, Folle Blanche, Baco
Vol : 40%
Bottle : 70 cl

Armagnac is a brandy of French wine produced in the region of Gascony south of Bordeaux, with several white grape varieties consist of Ugni Blanc (Trebbiano di Romagna ours) for 75%, 18% Baco Colombar for 4%, Folle Blanche to 3%. Distilled in continuous stills, called "Armagnacais", Armagnac is aged in oak barrels of 500 liters, from the forest Monlezum in Gascony. Excellent product base fine and elegant.


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Clos Martin Distilleria

Clos Martin Distilleria Each domaine either distils its own wine or has its wine distilled by a professional distiller. All of M&T’s Armagnac is distilled in traditional short column alembics. The traditional stills used by Clos Martin’s domaines are very small and allow a lot of the heavy, congener and fusel-rich vapours to pass over with the heart of the distillate. This results in a spirit significantly lower in alcohol than other regions; as low as 52%, although the average is between 55–63%. It is important to note that at 52% there are twice as many congeners (the elements in alcohol that give a spirit its aromas and flavours) than at 60%. Therefore, the Clos Martin Armagnacs always have a rich, earthy character. Producing a fine, flavoursome, well-balanced spirit at such low strength is not easy and takes years of experience and a lot of skill.After about 10 years in barrel, the true quality of Armagnac from continuous still emerges; it is at this point that all the balance, complexity and roundness one expects from a quality spirit begins to come through. M&T keep different vintage and varietal distillates separate allowing for the possibility of not only vintage-dated Armagnac but also varietal vintage Armagnac.

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