Bas Armagnac L'Encantada 20 Ans  - Bas Armagnac

Bas Armagnac L'Encantada 20 Ans


Bas Armagnac L'Encantada 20 Ans

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Vol : 46%
Bottle : 50 cl

Tasting, especially when talking about an armagnac, must be a pleasurable time. It needs time to be revealed to your senses. Years have been needed to craft it. Give it the time necessary to appreciate its richness. As a matter of fact, it would be better to get different armagnacs, each of them associated with a precise moment. To properly taste an armagnac is to get pleasure, and pleasure is personal and subjective. The wide variety of armagnacs will allow each person to find an eau-de-vie of their own taste. Tasting is trying as well to analyze the armagnac to be able to share it with friends. Three different phases make the analytic tasting: for the eye, for the nose, for the taste buds. Encantada selected eaux-de-vie are guaranteed naturally colored by their cask. The armagnacs are white when issued from the alambic, and will then evolve from light yellow to darker colors, up to deep brownish. Color cannot possibly be reliable quality information. Clarity rather than darkness is likely to denote a younger eau-de-vie, but the extent of time spent in a new oak piece, and the oak wood itself would all have had impacted on color. It is always more enjoyable however to taste a bright and limpid armagnac. The nose phase is the richest. It can give you pleasures that remain different for a very long time, up to several hours for the same glass. The aromatic richness of an old armagnac will bring a wide aromatic palette, and it is a particularly interesting game to look for the various aromas all along the tasting. As the first contact with 40 to 50 degrees armagnacs is very alcoholic, make sure you first hold the glass in your hand for a while to warm it, and feel it by small touches; once the fragrance has entirely seduced, you will enjoy it to the fullest. Each eau-de-vie and each nose has their own and unique meeting point. If the person next to you has already some spirit in mouth does not necessarily say it is ready for you. Remember to wait for the aromas to seduce you entirely. Then and only then will the taste phase be starting. First of all, make your mouth ready; blend a small amount of armagnac with your saliva, to be gently rolled around the palate to prepare your mucosa for the armagnac heat. You will then be allowed to get a second small sip, and analyze its characteristics: it is forceful, with lots of fatness and length. Once your glass has finally been emptied, paradise is only about to start. Smell the bottom part of the glass, where all aromas are concentrated and well aerated: they are there at their very best for you. It is a real privilege to take some time tasting an armagnac at length, finishing off with smelling the glass very last drops; it is rich with all the pleasures just vanished from the tasting phase.  

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