Bas Armagnac Samalens Reserve Imperiale XO

Manufacturer Samalens


Bas Armagnac Samalens Reserve Imperiale XO

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Vol : 40%
Bottle : 70 cl

The "Reserve Imperiale" of Samalens was born with a strong desire to create a Bas Armagnac that was able to support the bastion of tradition of Maison Samalens. The objective was reached in full. Cradling the cup in the palm of your hand, you get lost in observing the seductive harmony of a distillate that the palate is just as persuasive and sensuale.Brillante and light amber. It has the olfactory particularly fruity, reminiscent of grapes and red fruit. The flavor is perfectly balanced and characterized by a great roundness. It has a warm and elegant aftertaste, as they should have all the Armagnac Extra Old.


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Product by: Samalens

Most of the stores in which is saved the Armagnac Samalens, was builted before 1900, while in 1973 it was modernized the distillery, which with eight stills is now one of the most important in the region. The distillates obtained from wines from the Bas Armagnac area, are matured in Gascon oak casks until the moment when, according to the taste, aroma and color, are deemed ready and worthy to be put on the market and to be entrusted to the judgment of the most refined connoisseurs and amateurs.

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