Champagne is a classic sparkling wine. Its name comes from the region French where it is produced, Champagne. Its history begins in the Middle Ages, when the monks of the abbeys present in the region began to produce wine, which they used in masses. At the time, however, only firm and red wines were produced. In 1600, wars and looting also hit the abbeys, leading to the decay of the vineyards. In 1670, Pierre Pérignon, a young Benedictine monk, arrived at the abbey of Hautvillers, where he would serve as treasurer. Seeing the vineyards in such a state of abandonment, he decided to put them back together. Pierre was a true professional and nothing escaped his watchful eye. He made sure to choose the best grapes, the most popular soils for production, refine the techniques of cutting wines. The champagne was born out of a mistake during the winemaking of some white wines. This led to the bursting of some bottles honed in the cellar. In this way the monk discovered the "taking of foam". The abbot came to the conclusion that the foam was caused by a refermentation of the wine, resulting in the production of carbon dioxide, and realized that this wine "sparkling" was very pleasant on the palate. So, he decided to improve its production.

From that moment on, other vineyard owners began to produce this sparkling wine, following the abbot's instructions and contributed to the improvement of production techniques.

The best Champagne brands

The most famous and award-winning brand by many experts around the world is the Bollinger. Maison Bollinger was founded in 1829 and of course is located in Champagne. In addition to producing Brut champagne from pinot noir vines, it also offers Brut Rosé and Extra Brut. Another famous brand is the Krug. His story begins with Joseph Krug, who in 1834 arrived in France from Germany, to work in the Jacquesson wineries. After years of work, he founded his own winery, which came to produce one of the most appreciated champagnes in the world. His two most famous bottles are the Krug Rosé and the Krug Brut Grande Cuvée.

Louis Roederer champagne, on the other hand, boasts the title of champagne with better value for money. Its foundation dates back to 1776 in Reims, although the current name was given in 1883. His bottles, including the Brut, Rosé and Demi Sec, have always been preferred by royal houses around the world. Another fine brand of champagne is Pol Roger. Its winery is located in Epernay, a village near the abbey where champagne was born, and was founded in 1849. His maison is one of the few to have always been run by the family of origin. This champagne has been greatly appreciated by famous people, such as Winston Churchill. Among its most famous bottles, we can definitely mention the Brut Reservé, the Rosé, the Vintage and Blanc de Blancs.

A family-owned business with 100 hectares of land, the Maison Billecart Salmon, founded in 1818 in Mareuil-sur-Ay. How can we forget Dom Pérignon? As already mentioned, this was the first champagne and the oldest. Today, Dom Pérignon is the first brand you think about when it comes to champagne. Today the House produces only thousandths of champagne, of all kinds, but they are not suitable for all pockets.

In 1729, however, the Maison Ruinart was born, which was born from the idea of a trader, Nicolas Ruinart, to give away the first bottles produced together with the purchase of drapes and fabrics to his most trusted customers. Last, but not least, the famous Moët & Chandon. His Maison was founded in 1743, by Claude Moët. At the time, the brand was the most appreciated by the King of France. With a production of over 24 million bottles per year, it is definitely the best-selling. Among his most famous bottles, it is necessary to mention the Brut, the Demi Sec, the Rosé, the Reserve and the Grand Vintage.

The best deals on Champagne

An offer not to be missed is the one on the Jacquart Brut Mosaique, a champagne with fresh and refined aromas.

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