Champagne is certainly one of the most beloved bubbles, perfect even absolute, ideal as a base to prepare a good cocktail. The proposals are many, more or less known, offer a flick of imagination and allow to give life to delicious combinations, refined and out of the box of the great classics such as the cosmopolitan and the mojito, suitable for an audience of young people and adults.

Timeless champagne-based preparations: classics

BELLINI – The most loved cocktail ever, to be prepared with a sparkling base and peach pulp. It is one of the most famous Italian preparations, born in Venice in 1848. The drink was once appreciated by the likes of Orson Welles, then popular all over the world. To prepare it you need 10 cl of champagne and 5 cl of peach pulp that in the traditional recipe is crushed and not blended to attenuate the sparkling champagne properties.

NEGRONI SBAGLIATO - This Milanese cocktail from the 1970s differs from the Florentine Negroni in the presence of champagne that replaces gin and makes it lighter and more pleasant to drink. It is prepared with red vermouth, campari and champagne in equal parts of a third, to be served with an orange zest. Ideal for an evening with friends thanks to its strong but not heavy flavor.

MIMOSA – Everyone loves the mimosa cocktail, for its lightness and for its fresh taste. It is prepared with 7 cl of champagne and 3 cl of orange juice, a real treat in summer aperitifs. It is a very easy preparation to make, so ideal to do even at home and well moves with aperitifs or brunches that take place in the morning or early afternoon. Thanks to its all-Italian taste, it has always been a great forerunner in the preparation of champagne-based drinks. Of course it is to be served strictly in a flute.

Cocktails for every occasion: from aperitif to elegant dinners

COCKTAIL CHAMPAGNE – A historical recipe, an addictive emblem. It is very easy to prepare yet a timeless taste: sugar clod, drops of Angostura, a thread of Cognac and a wave of champagne. The sweet touch that accompanies the bubbles makes it a real work of art, the cognac then makes it the right firmness that also smooths the gas contained inside. Perfect for brunch, recurring and before dinner. You can also serve it in comfortable jugs and you can also have fun with many variants such as cherry, flowers, lemon. Apparently this drink dates back to the mid-1800s, a real treat that over the years has undergone the fascination of contamination.

KIR ROYAL COCKTAIL – Sophisticated, good, structured. This delicious combination of champagne, sweetness of the creme de cassis is a real cure-all for those looking for something with an extra edge. Despite being easy to prepare this preparation makes an extraordinary figure and hides an incredible potential, to the point of being perfect not only for the aperitif but also during dinner or an important evening. Refined, rich in bubbles, which pleases and is admired for its color tending to ruby red.

FRENCH 75 – A noteworthy cocktail made from champagne. The recipe is truly unique, you mix the lemon juice with gin, sugar and soak the whole champagne. In practice it is the same Tom Collins who instead of being prepared with soda is mixed with champagne. Much more suitable for various occasions even more chic. The first recipe dates back to 1930 and the name, according to some notes, refers to a piece of French artillery. However, there is no reliable news in this regard. The recipe includes 3 cl of gin, the juice of a lemon, a teaspoon of sugar and 6 cl of champagne. Important strain the lemon juice and shake everything well before pouring it into the flute.

Exuberance and taste: the most special cocktails based on champagne

CASABLANCA – The cocktail is named after the famous film, a timeless classic that gave us this delicious preparation. The ingredients are orange, champagne, coffee cream and a drop of coke (to give it the color that recalls the warm lands in which the film was set). The taste is quite particular and therefore not by everyone, you will certainly remember when the manager of Rick's Cafe American prepared it in French Morocco. Ideally a tall glass to serve it, the coffee cream must be a splash. For the decoration is perfect an orange zest.

LADY OSCAR – A cocktail that women will love, a taste that dominated the seventies and that pays homage to the famous swordswoman, protagonist of the cartoons. A preparation not only elegant but also with a sweet and decisive taste, with an almost velvety touch thanks to the presence of vanilla. To prepare it you need 4 cl of champagne, 1 cl of framboise, 7 cl of berries, lemon juice and a teaspoon of vanilla or essence. It is ideal to prepare it with fresh fruits and use some of them to garnish the base of the cocktail. To make it easier though you can also use ready-made juices. A taste certainly feminine with red fruits and sweet aftertaste, ideal for a toast in the company of friends.

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