Moet Chandon Ice Rosé Imperial

Moët Chandon and its timeless elegance

Want a good Moët Chandon flute? So why not uncork a bottle of Ice Imperial Rosé Champagne? If you didn't know, you know that it's a refined, pink and affordable sparkling wine that satisfies everyone, men and women, young people and mature people, from those who want to approach the world of sparkling wine to those who are already experts: variety and taste richness will surprise, with the guarantee of Moet Chandon and the French name AOC (equivalent to the Italian DOC). This company, authority in the wine industry known worldwide thanks to its 276 years of experience and producer, among its many flagships, of the well-known Dom Perignon, was born during the reign of Louis XV and dedicates, now as then, the same the founders reserved for hectares of vineyards located in Epernay, the capital of the Marne district and a high-quality area for champagne making. Inviting at first glance for the sinuousness in the presentation, the Moet 75 cl bottle has an elegant line combined at an attractive price, which makes it extremely competitive on the market: the Moët rosé sparkling wine proves to be an ideal ally not only to make a an important gift, but also to be tasted in accompaniment to meals (and not only bordering it on desserts) thanks to its characteristics of sparkling wine "demi sec", to entertain you with friends who know how to appreciate the Moët as a meditation wine or enriched by a few cubes of ice and fruit that release an aroma in tune with that of each small sip. A quirk to indulge in spring and perfect for summer, but also to remember the flavors and splendor of the beautiful season when the temperatures drop and the warmth aroused by alcohol is particularly pleasant...

The grapes that make the sparkling wine rosé Moët unmistakable

Each Moet bottle represents a complete harmonization of distinguishable elements that goes beyond the pure and simple juxtaposition, with an appropriate union of wines of different vintages made by assembling and impeccably following the rules: for the Moet Chandon Ice Rosé Imperial you will notice a sublime combination of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay grapes in full compliance with regulations. The first, in percentages between 40 and 50% (including 10% in red wine) is an ancient grape but always a source of novelty, which gives a balsamic and fresh aroma with a hint of cherry, particularly suitable for the exquisitely refined productions of France, but always calibrating its intensity by means of other grapes with which to harmonize to the maximum the enjoyability: the Variant Meunier at 30-40% (also here with a 10% in red wine) intervenes with its characteristic notes of red fruits. To them is added a 10-20% of Chardonnay grapes, from white berries, ideal, among other things, for the processing of sparkling wine with the classic method. These quantities allow to achieve an optimal balance even from the point of view of astringency and perlage, despite the use of two types of red berry grapes, which will give the characteristic pinkish color thanks to the contact of the skins with the must to short time.

Moet Chandon Ice Rosé Imperial Taste Feelings

A determined rose gradation, from the warm golden undertone tending to bronze, clear, will attract your attention, along with the bubbles that will peep from the bottom of the glass to the surface of the sparkling wine ensuring an adequate perlage... because without them there can be no champagne: try to pour it into a domed flute, so as not to disperse its fragrance and enjoy the best tasting experience, especially if it is the first time. From the unmistakable "demi sec" features, Moet Chandon Ice Rosé Imperial is well defined in its sweetness to the impact with the palate, with a clear predominance of fruity notes: pleasantly pungent and persistent in its fragrance of strawberry of forest, raspberries and cherries, the sugary component is enhanced thanks to the fig aroma and the freshness of the peach tones that give it structure, along with a distant perception reminiscent of pomegranate juice. After that you will feel the scent of the initial taste phase fade, the fruity tones will degrade to make room for floral notes of pink with a pleasant citrusy hint of grapefruit, to arrive at a slight, but identifiable, trail of pepper accompanied by a fresh mint aroma.

All these qualities will conquer you and the Moët price even more: the very high level of the product, its versatility in terms of targets, combinations with dishes and opportunities to taste it, the fame of the Moët wineries and the perfect harmony between innovation and tradition largely justify the proposed figure, of 78.00 euros (including taxes and excluding shipping costs) in fact not even so high, in view of what you know now. So, what do you expect to try it, alone and in company, or to give a bottle or even a supply? You will make an excellent figure and you will want to repeat the experience as soon as possible...

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