The best cocktails with Vodka

Vodka is one of the most widely used spirits to make cocktails. It is a typical product of Poland and Russia, which has become very famous all over the world. A super alcoholic that likes, made from potatoes and cereals, since the fifteenth century. If it was once used by soldiers in battle to keep warm in harsh winters, today it is one of the starting points for the most beloved cocktails.

Cosmopolitan: for all the women who dream of Mister Big

He became famous thanks to Carrie Bradshaw and his friends in Sex and the City, it is a great classic, much loved by women. Glamour, cosmopolitan, loved by stars like Madonna and still very much in vogue today. The recipe dates back to the seventies, the perfect content are 4 cl of Vodka, 1.5 cl of Cointreau, 3 cl of cranberry juice and 1.5 cl of lime. His fame earned him the inclusion in the category of contemporary classics in the IBA category.

Vodka Martini: the ultimate dry drink

Simple, 5cl of vodka and 1.5 cl of Vermouth Dry. This special cocktail, James Bond's favorite, is as good as it is easy to prepare. It is simple but engraved, ideal for a romantic evening or an after dinner with friends. This one is drank, however, agitated and not stirred. There are many variants that make it ideal even as an aperitif. One of the main variants is with the addition of ice cubes, ideal with a lemon zest and a green olive.

Long Island Iced Tea: for those who love fresh flavours

A great classic of the nineties, which has no teina inside. White rum, gin, vodka, triple sec, lemon juice, sugar and cola. This is the mix of ingredients that composes it giving it the complexion similar to that of tea. Long Island is a timeless and mind-blowing vodka-based preparation. Born in the 1970s to an American bartender working on the island of Lond Island. Apparently, the strategy adopted to make it identical to a common iced tea was not accidental. In the years of Prohibition, to allow people to drink freely, a little coke was added.

Bloody Mary: the particular taste of a generation

This cocktail marked a whole generation, because of its rich taste and its preparation. Inside we find pepper, tabasco and Worcestershire sauce, all of which are usually used for cooking and not for making drinks. In this case the result is surprising, never forget the celery stalk that helps to dissipate the very strong taste and is a real treat. The cocktail dates back to 1938, but back then it was a simple mix of Vodka and tomato juice. It was then in France in the 1960s that this one was lucky enough to meet the spices and buy that magical tone.

Caipiroska: the raw taste of youth

One of the best known and best-loved vodka cocktails, a status symbol of youth. Lime juice, brown sugar and vodka, perfect on hot summer nights on the beach, maybe in front of a bonfire. It is, however, a very sober drink, which has a taste so that you can also combine special variants such as fruits, herbs but also flowers.

Moscow Mule: a classic for after-dinner

It has a decidedly rock taste, served in the copper glass or in rock. Composed of 4.5 cl of Vodka and 12 cl of Ginger Beer, it has returned to the limelight in recent years. Unlike what this drink may think, it wasn't born in Russia but in a Bar in New York where two entrepreneurs, desperate for the fortunes of the place, decided to revive the business by creating a new drink. Vodka acquires a special value since Vodka in 1940 was still an unloved alcoholic. The two chose to use Vodka with Ginger Beer, giving rise to a very strong cocktail. In recent years his newfound success is certainly due to the taste of ginger that distinguishes him.

Sex on the Beach: the most sinful cocktail

During the 1970s Vodka saw a great increase in consumption, especially in America. So there was the boom in fruity cocktails. During the 1987 spring break, a liquor company ran a competition to sponsor a product. So a young man decided to mix Vodka with the peach liqueur that produced the company, orange juice and cranberry. The name he chose was given to confirm why people reached Florida: sex and beach. From that moment, however, the connotation of the cocktail was clear, reminiscent of the summers at the sea, the youth, the heat, the beaches and of course the new conquests.

Black Russian: an ideal cocktail for winter

Black, consisting of 5 cm of Vodka and 2 cl of coffee liqueur. Simple, strong. A well-known variant is White Russian (with cream). The cocktail was prepared for the American ambassador to Luxembourg when he visited Brussels. Ideal only as after dinner, with ice cubes.

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