The best Rum based cocktails

The rum doesn't get away with it even mixed, Daiquiri, Mojito and Cuba Libre prove it on all.

If you want to have an evening with friends starting from an aperitif and following the dinner and then ending with music as if you were in the disco, know that then as a drink can not miss a cocktail based on Rum. A sparkling and colorful cocktail you can make it both normal with alcoholic and non-alcoholic gradation, thus meeting everyone's tastes. To compose excellent alcoholic drinks, a good distillate is more or less strong combined with a touch of color derived from various fruits or juices and a pinch of taste given by a spice or essence to taste.

So let's see the best Rum cocktails you can choose or why not prepare yourself to have the satisfaction of receiving compliments from your guests; at the first taste will be a success. Perhaps among the most famous cocktail names is Mojito; perfect combination of white rum and mint. l Mojito was born on the island of Cuba but exactly you do not have for sure who made him famous and appreciated all over the world, even if it seems that a foreman is his discoverer.
A curiosity related to the name tells that it would be taken from a Cuban sauce very used at the time.

Always with white rum you can find the Daiquiri; mixed with sugar lemon juice and ice cubes.
Born in Cuba, it seems at the end of the nineteenth century while the battle between Americans and Spaniards raged. It is said that one of the thirsty fighters asked to put lemon juice in a drop of Rum landed in the city of Daiquiri where the cocktail took its name; this is one of the many stories told about the birth of this drink.

You can't miss a Pina Colada quenching, and you can't miss a Pina Colada quenching. White rum mixed with fruit and a great coconut milk. Cocktails of the fifties/sixties of Puerto Rican origin with a sweet taste and even in his case there are many versions on who made him known; we talk about a foreman but we don't know exactly. Another popular Rum cocktail is Cuba Libre and Mai Tai; the first from the simple preparation with the meeting between Rum and cola, its origins come from Havana at the beginning of the nineteenth century where it is due thanks to a bartender who blended the two drinks.

While The Mai Tai combines both light and dark Rum with citrus juices, born in the 1940s in a Californian restaurant.
Dark'n'Stormy is another good cocktail with Rum; dark rum and ginger-enriched beer.

He was born on the island of Bermuda in the 1920s. it has a very particular taste and also suitable to be consumed during a fish meal, it will exalt its flavor. Other Rum cocktails include Acapulco and Planter's Punch; Acapulco is named after the Mexican city while Planter's is Caribbean like so many others.
The acapulco was born at the hands of an American lady in the 1940s, where rum is added a few drop of pineapple and grapefruit while Planter's Punch rum is enriched with various juices of good fruit. There are many cocktails that contain Rum this thanks to the versatility of this spirit; You can put among the best alcoholic drinks also the Scorpion and Havana Zombie but also the Frozen Banana Daiquiri and the Manhattan Rum all fun tasty and beautiful to see, seeing is believing.

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