Vodka Grey Goose

Vodka Grey Goose is one of the most famous and prestigious brands of vodka in the world, appreciated for the high quality of its ingredients and for the production techniques that make it a truly top product. The name sounds decidedly English, but the Grey Goose is incredibly produced in France and to be precise in the territory of Cognac, a place already well known for the creation of the famous wine spirit. This Vodka was born thanks to the inspiration of Francois Thibault, famous Master of Cellar who, in 1997, wanted to test his already appreciated skills as a distiller, creating a product that, in a short time, would become the most in demand in the world to its sophistication and elegance. In fact, Thibault was commissioned by an American tycoon, Sidney Frank, to produce a vodka that would soon become one of the main icons of high-end super spirits. In fact, until then the best-known vodka was Absolut, which was sold at an average price of around 15 dollars, but Frank had in mind an even more valuable product, which could be sold for as much as 30 dollars per bottle. Vodka was the distillate that lent itself the most to this speculation because it is quick to produce and, therefore, to be put on the market. Of course, before reaching the final version Thibault made numerous attempts until he got to select the best distillate.

Vodka Grey Goose conquers the markets

Starting in 1997, vodka Grey Goose was launched on the market and Frank, strong of his expertise in the field, immediately used extremely effective marketing methods, also using the network already tested for the Jagermeister liqueur, derived German. This vodka immediately conquered the United States that became the target market, with a dizzying increase every year in sales and revenues: in 2003 it reached 1.4 million cases immediately after the best known and oldest Absolut and Smirnoff. With revenues, Frank was able to fill the company's debts, related to the not-too-lucky marketing of other alcohol.

Tasting Notes

At the sight of the Vodka Grey Goose appears transparent and pure, completely free of sediment. On the smell it impresses for its delicate citrus and spicy notes that are expertly linked to fresh and floral tones. The taste is immediately silky and soft, but then leaves a feeling of sweetness that satisfies the palate. The recommended service temperature is between 0 and 5 degrees and can be eaten smooth or mixed with other ingredients to make high quality cocktails.

Curiosity and insights

The production process of Vodka Grey Goose is very delicate and meticulous; to create this excellence, in fact, wheat is used grown only in Picardia and Beauce; Distillation takes place through a particular six-column still, with a process that passes over 500 quality checks and lasts 8 months. The name was proposed by Frank himself and the logo that distinguishes all over the world the Vodka Grey Goose is a gray goose that flies. The bottle is simple, made of satin glass and with a single transparent glass design that represents, in fact, a goose. Since 2013 the designer of the packaging is an Italian, Riccardo Monari. Over the years, some variations have been proposed from the original; These include Vanille, Le Melon, Le Citron, L'Orange and Cherry flavoured fruit and VX, or vodka combined with cognac.

In 1998 Vodka Grey Goose was awarded a prestigious award by the Best Tasting Institute in Chicago for best vodka. She has often appeared in hit films such as Monster-In-Law, Sex and the City, Mr. & Mrs Smith and Ocean's Eleven, and one of our singers, Cesare Cremonini even dedicated a song to her in 2014. The bottle price of Vodka Grey Goose currently stands at around 35 euros.

How to use Vodka Grey Goose? Here's an idea: "Sea Breeze." To prepare this fresh and pleasant cocktail you need 35 ml of vodka, 25 ml of cranberry juice, fresh lime in wedges and freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. The whole thing should be put in a tall glass with ice, mixed and served. The Le Citron variant of vodka Grey Goose, on the other hand, is perfect for the "White Tie and Tiara". Here's how to make it: 35 ml Vodka Grey Goose Le Citron, 25 ml lychee juice, 10 ml lemon juice, 25 ml grapefruit juice and 50 ml jasmine syrup. It should be put all in the shaker together with the ice and served, then, in a tall glass well garnished. All variants and the original version lend themselves perfectly to the realization of any type of cocktail that can ignite every party.

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