Whiskys awarded by Whisky Advocate

More than 150 types of whiskey have had a review published in the issue of Whiskey Advocate released in autumn 2019. From single malt and scotch mixed with bourbon, distilled from rye, Irish, Canadian and Japanese whiskey and more. Among them are the 10 best whiskeys awarded by Whisky Advocate, the types that scored the most among those analyzed leaving aside collectible bottles or Choices by editors. These 10 whiskies are among those sold in the United States that received a score of 93 or higher.

The 10 whiskys awarded by Whisky Advocate for autumn 2019

Now let's look at every single type of whiskey selected that has earned a place of honor on the season's top list.

1. Canadian Club Chronicles - 42 Y.O. - The Dock Man

The Chronicles collection made its debut two years ago. It is a Whisky that contains a hint of younger rye with a cleverly blended brandy part. The aroma and palate are deep and complex. Fruity and floral on the nose, with hint of raisin tart, apple peel and apricot. A fruity dessert reminiscent of the taste of spices and a crispy and vaguely tannic aftertaste. The fruit aroma is long-lasting and leaves a good flavor that characterizes this whiskey that got 96 points.

2. Writers Tears Double Oak

It's 94 points that had this particular blend of single malt and whiskey. This formulation creates the incredible synergy between chocolate, cinnamon and spices. The winey taste is from the partial maturation of cognac in barrel and has aromas that recall dark berries, cinnamon, dark chocolate, malt biscuits and fruit jelly with a spicy tinge. Convincing and well-structured whiskey with a reference to dark caramel, pepper and ginger that is never cloying nor overly sweet but rather rewarding.

3. Loch Lomond 2002 Cristie Kerr

94 points deserved for a whiskey with an aromatic and tropical fragrance on the nose, with pina colada, pistachio pudding, almond halva, coconut and apple blossoms. The palate is elegant and graceful with pistachio and almond shades, the flavor recalls the taste of the milkshake with vanilla malt, coconut and pineapple and then results in a mix of oak and tobacco and a final aroma of toasted coconut. A masterpiece of balance of taste and fragrance.

4. Bardstown Bourbon company discovery Series 1 Kentucky Straight

It also gets 94 points this whiskey with aroma of corn candies, butter, glazed buns and strawberry tart. On the palate it is spicy, you can feel cinnamon and cloves mixed with toasted nuts, chocolate-covered cherries and a raspberry bottom with coconut flakes. Length, depth and warmth end with a aftertaste of chocolate, caramel and sweet spices. A full-bodied and complex whisky that can balance dark fruits, chocolate spices and tobacco. A powerful and delicate taste at the same time.

5. George Dickel - 13 Y.O. - bottled in Bond Straight Bourbon

93 points for a whiskey that contains a strong knowledge of peanut, on the nose you can feel a mix of berries, broken corn, fresh apples and a touch of coke. The delicate floral scent is added to the powerful scent of oak and cooked cherries, berries and pomegranate add taste to the palate. The flavor is prolonged and is durable with an aroma rich in leathery oak, baked spices, toasted peanuts and cherries with a dark chocolate glaze.

6. Glen Scotia 2003 Campbeltown Malts Festival Rum Cask Finished 2019

93 points also for a whiskey that on the nose has a sweet scent with flavors of banana, vanilla, guava, papaya, jasmine, hibiscus and citrus oil, a mix that is completed with a little salinity and chalky minerality. On the palate it is consistent with an intense taste of tropical fruit with guava, mango, coconut with an addition of hazelnuts, smoked almonds and milk chocolate. The conclusion is achieved with a complex mixing of smoked nuts, toasted tobacco, chalky minerality, dried oak and a persistent fruity taste. A set of taste and aromas to discover sip after sip.

7. Johnnie Walker Ghost e Rare Glenury Royal Edition

We stay on 93 points enjoying a whiskey that features a soft bouquet of dried fruits, caramelized sugar in the oven on the pasta and toasted almonds. A note of chocolate and orange completes the picture by combining the hints of spices and cloves, nuts, dried apricot, vanilla and cooked apple. A taste with discreet elegance for this whiskey with boiling ice.

8. Kilchoman STR Cask Matured 2019

This whiskey, which scored 93 points, was distilled in 2012 and has reached the correct maturation in 43 barrels of shaved, roasted and recharged red wine, then called STR. The nose offers aromas rich in vanilla fragrances and cranberries. The taste of red fruits is reinforced with a drive towards a spicy flavor to the cannelli and a touch of citrus flavor. Finally, there is a characteristic aroma of smoke from beards, chilli and black pepper.

9. Woodford Reserve Batch Proof Straight Bourbon 2019

As much credit for this whiskey that was awarded 93 pts. Among its characteristic features stands out on the nose an aroma of scented orange, tea leaves, honey flowers and strawberries with icing sugar. On the palate it is very delicate with notes of cigar ash, leather, blackberry jam, vanilla milkshake and balanced oak. The final taste is long and rich with a cherry and strawberry aftertaste with notes reminiscent of tobacco and oak leaves. Cinnamon, cloves and forest strawberry jam also emerge. A product of consistent quality and rich in heat.

10. Wild Turkey Master's Keep Cornerstone Kentucky Straight Rye

We stay on 93 points to enjoy a complex aroma of vanilla, hot buns and pastry mixed with cherries, coconut, raisins, figs, liquorice, antique leather and barn. This whisky is smooth and viscous on the palate with a taste of lemon honey mixed with fragrant oak, cigar ash, dark berries and coconut. Spicy aromas enrich the product with water while the finish offers a soft and spicy taste, coconut covered with chocolate, tobacco and bitter herbs. A whiskey that comes with a rich complexity and depth that make it great to sip by smoking a great cigar.

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