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South-west of Montalcino we can find the seal Case Basse, covering a total area of 23 hectares and belonging to the early 70s to Gianfranco Soldera and his wife Graziella. Moved right away by the desire to produce a Brunello of the highest quality, Gianfranco and Graziella have set up a project based on deep convictions, in which nature and the ecosystem are the two indisputable cornerstones. With this in mind, culture and ancient traditions are combined with innovation and research, eventually creating an inseparable pair, which is found both in the vineyard as in the cellar.

Among the rows, the screws do not know nor weeded nor pesticides, and are fertilized exclusively with organic substances. In the cellar, the vinification is done in Slavonian oak vats, without ever resorting to the addition of selected yeasts. The aging, finally, that can last for five years, it took place in large barrels, always from Slavonia. That's how the wines labeled Soldera: high quality wines and characterized by a great elegance, able to increase their prestige and to offer suggestions increasing over the years. Bottles by the great aging potential, to open for the most important occasions, after having carefully preserved in the cellar for at least a decade.

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