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The modern history of the distilleries JM began in 1914 when Gustave de Crassous Médeuil buy the distillery by the family of founder Jean-Marie Martin, leaving intact the name. JM distillery is the smallest producer on the island of Martinique Rhum Agricole as it is obstinate in producing Rhum only with 100% of sugar cane grown on their own.

The reason for this obstinacy is the pride they have in their plantations J. M, regarded by all as the best on the island thanks to the climate generated by the volcano Mt. Pelée. The production process of Rhum JM begins with the collection and the immediate pressing of the sugar cane to extract all the aromaticity in the juice, the basic element for the subsequent distillation. The agriculture Rhum J. M is in fact produced exclusively with the only fermented cane juice with no added sugar or caramel, as prescribed by the disciplinary dell'Appellation Contrôlée Martinique.

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