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Champagne Pommery is a French Champagne house located in Reims. The house was founded as Pommery & Greno in 1858 by Alexandre Louis Pommery and Narcisse Greno with the primary business being wool trading. Under the guidance of Alexandre's widow, Louise Pommery, the firm was dedicated to Champagne production and soon became one of the region's largest Champagne brands. Pommery is currently owned by the Vranken company (located in Épernay), which also has Heidsieck & Co Monopole and Demoiselle in their portfolio.

Jeanne Alexandrine Louise Mélin was born March 18, 1819 in Ardennes and married Alexandre Pommery in 1839. Upon Alexandre's death in 1860, his widow Louise Pommery assumed full control of the business. She purchased 120 limestone and chalk pits, so-called crayères, carved underneath 12 miles of the city of Reims by Roman soldiers during their occupation of Gaul. These unique cellars allowed her to store and age over twenty million bottles in a temperature-controlled environment. Many other Champagne houses later followed suit.

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