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Considering the distilleries that produce the major brands of rum, Diplomatic is considered among the top three in the world along with El Dorado and Appleton. These three hold both stills column is pot still and therefore can produce rum single blended. The distillery that produces Diplomatic is Distilerias Unidas (DUSA), located in the town of La Miel, in Lara state, Venezuela. The idea of Diplomatic Ron was born in 1983 and the first drop is dated 1989. The plant is to be at the forefront for decades variety of raw materials to be used and distillation types practiced.
The uniqueness of the Diplomatic in the Latin world is to be a blend of completely different types Ron, from raw materials to fermentation to distillation. The mixture of these different Rones is the nature of the Diplomatic.

The state of Lara has a tropical climate, hot during the day and cool at night, high humidity, abundant rainfall and rich soil for the cultivation of sugar cane. Here indeed is it produced 80% of the whole Venezuelan barrel. The DUSA has the cane crops and produces its own sugar, from which the molasses properties. We use different varieties of cane, Venezuela, Central Romana and Canal Point, and the harvest is done from November to March, earlier than the Caribbean region.
The juice extracted are produced is the molasses is the concentrate of pure cane juice. Even fermentations are different: the molasses is subjected to a short fermentation, 18 hours, in tanks by 100,000 liters, with a maximization of the alcohol production process. The concentrated cane juice instead is fermented for 48 hours, the process is slower, and the intention is to concentrate the aromas and the typical aromas of Diplomatic Ron.
Another unique feature of the Rones Latinos in the world is the variety of distillation are done: the concentration of sugar cane juice after the long fermentation, is first distilled in a column and later in the Pot Still Canadians; the fermented molasses instead is entered in columns Barbet, French, suitable for obtaining light ron while maintaining precise aromatic characteristics. This makes DUSA a distillery that upon specific request can produce Pure Single Rum.
The blend that makes up Ron Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva 80% is made up of Rum Pot Still and only 20% from alembic column. Also the younger labels, Reserva and Anejo, and also the Blanco, have a component of at least 50% of Pot Still. The Vintage 2001 is the distillation of cane sugar a year to be considered one of the best in recent years.
The barrels of the stock DUSA counts the impressive number of 160,000 barrels of 180 liters, another first in the South American continent! The aging is in barrels of American white oak.
Today ownership of DUSA is four members, but the creator and president Ron Diplomatic is José Rafael Ballesteros. It deserves specific mention Tito Cordero, Mastro Ronero, genius who for decades worked in the distillery and still holds maniacally to the quality of the Diplomatic: more than 60 different types of rum in the blend, and this allows to Titus to play and create up the possibilities, and deliver a product always perfectly equal in time.

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