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The Castello della Sala was constructed in 1350 by Angelo Monaldeschi della Vipera, whose family had arrived in Italy in the train ofCharlemagne in the ninth century A.D. From 1300 on, various family members fought with one another for the control of the city of Orvieto, and the battle for supremacy  became so fierce that, in 1337, Angelo and his three brothers each created a feudal clan with different names: the largest was called the Cervara (the Stag), an another the Cane (the Dog), a third the Aquila (the Eagle), and, the clan of Angelo, the most warlike of the entire family, the Vipera (the Viper)

The Castello della Sala towers over a tufaceous promontory of the Umbrian Apennines (at 534 meters, or some 1750 feet, above sea level) just a short distance away from the boundary with Tuscany and approximately 18 kilometers (11 miles) from the historic city of Orvieto. It is a lovely medieval fortress, surrounded by historic, hillside Etruscan villages, halfway between the Paglia river and the peak of Mount Nibbio.

The estate consists of a total surface area of 500 hectares (1250 acres), 140 of which (345 acres) are planted to vineyards located at 200-450 meters (650-1480 feet) above sea level on clayey soils rich in Pliocene-epoch fossils of volcanic and sedimentary origin. Approximately eight hectares (20 acres) are covered by olive groves for the production, for domestic use, of extra-virgin olive oil.

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