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"Ron Pampero" is typically known by Venezuelans as "Caballito Frenao" (literally "Restrained Horse" but in this context "Rearing Horse"), in reference to its popular brand logo, a cowboy sitting astride a rearing horse in the Venezuelan plains, a scene comparable to that of the gaucho from the Argentinian plains, or Pampas, so therefore its name ("Pampero" literally means "from the Pampas", although the Venezuelan plains are called "Los Llanos"). Pampero was founded in 1938 by Alejandro Hernández, the son of a fisherman from Isla de Margarita. In 1991, Tamayo sold 95% of Industrias Pampero to the United Distillers subsidiary of Guinness Brewery for £45 million.

There are five different types of Pampero:
Pampero Aniversario: rum blended from dark golden color five years old. complex olfactory notes ranging from citrus fruit to coffee, slightly sweet. On the palate the flavor of vanilla takes over, mixing in a balanced way with hints of nuts, bitter orange, berry, with cocoa final. It has alcohol content of 40%. It should be enjoyed straight.
Pampero Selecion 1938 premium rum from dark walnut color. The aroma is of ripe fruit with hints of vanilla and cocoa notes, with hints of citrus, nuts and raisins. Also this variant has alcohol content to 40%. It is used for cocktails.
Pampero Especial: rum blended from the old golden color of two years. Light and lively aroma. spicy fragrance notes. On the palate flavors stand out the coconut and honey, light wood flavor to the final. Like its predecessors has 40% vol.
Pampero Blanco: rum lighter in color than the other variants, a little 'less alcoholic (37.5%), suitable for fruit-based cocktails and long drinks.
Pampero Oro: Pampero latest in the home (40% vol.).
The Pampero ritual (and ritual Pampero) is to taste rum (typically the Selección 1938) in combination with a slice of lime, brown sugar and coffee powder. Pampero and the fruit juice manufacturer Looza have also proposed co-market a variant of the ritual, proposing to consume Pampero rum followed by pear juice: the pear juice fact refreshes the palate the alcohol content of rum; This combination is often called Chupito rum and pear.

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