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That of Argiolas is a story that begins in the early '900, in Serdiana, in the province of Cagliari, a land of farmers, olive groves and vineyards. Here in 1906 it was in fact created Antonio, the patriarch. It is he who starts implanting rows, to join the vineyard to vineyard to produce wine looking for the quality, rigor.

His two sons, Franco and Giuseppe, inherit from him this passion and in turn share it and pass it, before their wives and then to their children. Today the winery works already the third generation of Argiolas: that of Antonio's nephews. It is basically simple: harvest after harvest, from parents to children, the tradition has been handed down. It is in this context that a comprehensive and complete production line, capable like no other to make the most of the territory and its more traditional varieties in a unique combination. Unique wines, which are characterized by intensity, balance and elegance.

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