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The Oliver & Oliver story begins with Juanillo Oliver in the mid-nineteenth century. A Catalan in the Spanish military, Juanillo ended his military service in 1868 and established himself in the idyllic Las Placetas in Cuba. He and his family cultivated tobacco and sugarcane, and soon expanded their operations into the milling and production of sugars and tobaccos for the local farmers. Before long Juanillo was creating locally sourced, artisanal rums and cigars. Before long, the Oliver name was synonymous with the production of remarkable Cuban rum.

The War of Independence would put an end to the fame that had enveloped the Oliver family. Farms were destroyed, and the iconic Oliver mills were razed in 1898. Juanillo returned to his farmland where he rebuilt his sugar and tobacco crops, and his family continued that tradition until Cuba was once again shaken by revolution.

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