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Glenfiddich is Gaelic stays for the "Deer Valley", its single malt whiskeys are produced with the classic method and with a mild character much appreciated by the fans, but the distillery also produces distillates with different processes and finishes. William Grant founded the Glenfiddich in 1887. Father of seven children, was first an accountant and then the Mortlach managers as well as choirmaster of the Free Church of Dufftown. After 16 years of saving and working, also helped by the sons and two wives, built by hand, stone by stone, the distillery. The first equipment of the distillery was bought for £ 120 by Cardhu; a pair of stills used, a set of wash tun, worm tub and a noria. The water came from the Robbie Dubh spring. It was on Christmas Day of 1887 when the first distillate came from the stills.

Grant immediately begin supplying large blender Aberdeen (thanks to the fire of Glenlivet and then the shortage of malt Speyside), and then develop their own brands, including the "Stand Fast" (the battle cry of the clan Grant ).
In 1923, the death of William Grant her blend is sold from Australia to Canada and prospered in the postwar boom of whiskey. In 1964 Glenfiddich rewrites the history of whiskey making out for the first time, in the UK market, a single malt 8 years. The beginning was uncertain because few knew the name and the product, but when the Glenfiddich began to receive the attention of the newspapers and the media with the publication of various articles and the explanation of how it was produced this "new" single malt whiskey the phenomenon exploded. In 1970 sales in the United Kingdom surpassed the 24,000 cases and only four years after the value had reached 120,000. Thanks to this and other single malt products and also to the particular triangular bottle, the Glenfiddich today has a leading position in the whiskey market.
In 1969 Glenfiddich was the first distillery to open a center for tourists and if you pass today Dufftown do not miss to visit her, the tour is free and you will get fully into the history and tradition of this great distillate and of course, at the end of the tour, there is a tasting of their best whiskey.

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