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In Terlano, wine growing goes back to pre-Roman times. Thanks to its fine climate and location above the flood plain, the area around Settequerce, San Maurizio and Gries was ideally suited to human settlement. Archeological finds, including ladles and bronze vessels from the 5th to the 4th centuries B.C., are indicative of early wine growing activity. Sometimes renewal is needed to preserve tradition. That takes courage and the willingness to pull together. Fortunately there was no lack of either when the Terlano Wine Growers’ Cooperative was established way back in 1893. What was a daring departure at the time has proved successful up to the present day. For wine lovers at least, Terlano wines have brought international fame to this small South Tyrolean village.

Every year the wine world waits excitedly to welcome the new Terlano rarity wine. Which variety will it be this time? Even more important is usually the question of the number of years the wine has spent maturing on the lees. The answer relates to the aging technique employed for the Terlano rarities, namely the Stocker method.
It all began when our former winemaker Sebastian Stocker decided to follow the French model and let the wines rest longer on the lees. Today our rarity wines start life as outstanding vintages that spend a year maturing in wooden barrels. Then they are transferred to small steel tanks (2500 liters) where they are left to age for between ten and thirty years – enough time for them to developed their complex structure and wealth of aromas.
When the winemaker feels the wine has attained a fine balance and harmony, it is bottled. After a further four or five years in the bottle, the wine is ready to be enjoyed to the full.
At present, fifteen vintages produced using the Stocker method – Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and the Cuvee Terlano – are stored in small steel tanks, the oldest from 1979. Each year only 3,330 bottles of the Terlano rarity wine are filled.

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