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There is no "Grappa". There are "Grappas" and each one is different. Because different are: the vine, the still, the marc, the vintage, the ageing, the style ... Variable elements that create a multicoloured world of unique and unrepeatable Grappas.

Poli is an artisan distillery founded in 1898 by GioBatta Poli. For more than one century the Poli family have been working towards a goal: to let people understand and appreciate the hard work, the constancy but, above all, that kind of Love that goes into a bottle of Grappa, a total Love for our art, for our world, a Love without which no results would ever be achieved. The Poli distillery is situated in Schiavon, not far from Bassano del Grappa, in the heart of Veneto, the most renowned region for the production of grape marc distillate.

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