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The history of Ulysse Collin winery is closely linked to that of Anselme Selosse. In fact, after an internship at Anselme in 2002, Olivier Collin resumed, the following year, by a négociant which had been sold, some vineyards previously grown by the family Collin. However, the frost of the year does not allow him to retain his first collection.

It’s only in 2004 that the Chardonnay grapes harvested allow him to produce the first 5500 bottles of a single vintage, from a single area: Les Pierriéres. Thus began his rise in the world of Champagne, which now occupies definitely a place of absolute importance. The winery is located in Congy, and Olivier firmly believes in the minimum intervention possible, both in the vineyard and in the winery, preferring organic compounds if necessary. This is because, as Olivier likes to say, "I create nothing. I accompany the forces of nature". Only in this way he can produce really unique labels, the perfect expression of the terroir of Congy.

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