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The maison Samalens was founded in 1882, in the French town of Laujuzan, south of Bordeaux, from Jean Samalens, who, following the family passion, he simply catching Armagnac service as before him had also done his grandfather and his great-grandfather, coopers and distillers of profession. Continuing to perpetuate the tradition, the children and grandchildren of Jean have succeeded at the helm, and now Pierre and Philippe are running the distillery.

Most of the stores in which is saved the Armagnac Samalens, was builted before 1900, while in 1973 it was modernized the distillery, which with eight stills is now one of the most important in the region. The distillates obtained from wines from the Bas Armagnac area, are matured in Gascon oak casks until the moment when, according to the taste, aroma and color, are deemed ready and worthy to be put on the market and to be entrusted to the judgment of the most refined connoisseurs and amateurs.

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