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Cheval des Andes is the joint venture between Château Cheval Blanc, Premier Grand Cru Classé A of Saint-Emilion, and Terrazas de los Andes. Originally, Pierre Lurton, President of Château Cheval Blanc, sought out a special international terroir in which to apply the storied blending heritage of the French Château. Cheval des Andes is the Argentinean expression of Château Cheval Blanc, Premier Grand Cru Classé A of Saint-Emilion, that transcends national origin and validates Argentina credentials as icon wine producer along with winemaking credentials of Cheval Blanc. More than 50 years of French tradition combined with Terrazas de los Andes terroir and winemaking expertise.

Visiting Argentina in the 90s, Pierre Lurton, President of Château Cheval Blanc, legendary Premier Grand Cru Classé A of Saint-Emilion, found himself in the sloping plains of the majestic Andes mountains at the Terrazas de los Andes vineyards. Cheval Blanc’s reconnection with its past was consummated in 1999 during this visit through the select parcel of the most treasured high elevation terroir in Argentina: Terrazas de los Andes’ 80 year-old Las Compuertas vineyard, found in Vistalba, Mendoza. Upon tasting their Malbec, he was captivated by the quality of the wine being produced in this breathtaking yet seemingly inhospitable location and was intrigued by the notion of unearthing a connection with the Saint-Emilion past. Decimated by phylloxera in the 1860s from its position as the one of the most important varieties in Saint-Emilion and Pomerol, the Malbec had since been reincarnated in ungrafted form in Argentina, producing some of the world’s best Malbec in recent years. Along with this renaissance in Argentina emerged an ambitious vision to forge a new path in international winemaking. 
His vision paved the way for the birth of Cheval des Andes, the first and only alliance the prestigious Château Cheval Blanc vignoble has seen fit to launch. The noble fusion of a Premier Grand Cru of Saint-Emilion with the best Argentine terroir innovative high-altitude expertise; the extraordinary experience of the old world and the creativity and inventiveness of the new, together as they should be in one glorious wine.

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