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The distillery Dillon was founded in Martinique on the ruins of an old sugar refinery of 1690. Located at the southern entrance of Fort-de-France, The Dillon Distillery produces rum for centuries, was founded by Arthur Dillon, who chose to build it over an old sugar mill. Sugar cane is still crushed by mills powered by a steam engine dating back to 1922. The best from Martinique of the sugar cane are produced by Dillon plantations thanks to a particularly favorable geographic microclimate which garnered him the nickname " Grand Cru ".

The Agricol Rhum Dillon - unlike traditional or industrial defined Rum commercially using molasses, a by-product of sugar production - comes from the fermentation and distillation of pure cane juice. It is never adding water! In addition, the fermentation of sugar cane takes place very quickly after harvest to prevent irreversible degradation. Fundamental is then the phase of aging that certifies Dillon for a minimum of years and not for the average of years as happens for industrial Rum.

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