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Tanqueray is a brand of English gin marketed worldwide. The brand is owned by the British Diageo . During World War II the distillery was almost completely destroyed. After the air campaign against London 1941, only one of the distillers (known as "Old Tom") was saved, and is still used in the distillery Cameronbridge, Scotland. The Tanqueray gin is for most product just in Scotland, in spite of what would indicate the name "London dry gin", which refers but to the type of the distillation process.

Charles Tanqueray, was born in 1810 in Tingrith, in Bedfordshire, a descendant of a French family of silversmiths, who moved to England in the eighteenth century; Hence the family changed job and for three generations engaged in the religious sphere. In 1830, Charles Tanqueray broke with tradition and, after a thorough study of herbs and several years of experimentation, the recipe called for a gin and opened a distillery in Vine Street in the Bloomsbury district of London, an area popular at that period, for spring waters. On the death of Charles, occurred in 1868, the company came under the direction of his son, then twenty, Charles Waugh Tanqueray. The child policy aimed at growth in the international market and, in 1897, made contact with Reginald C. W. Currie, head of the Gordon & Company distillery. The following year, the two companies merged in Tanqueray Gordon & Company and the production was transferred in Goswell Road, Clerkenwell district of Gordon distillery site. After the merger the attention was focused on the US market, still the main market of Tanqueray gin. Charles Henry Drought Tanqueray, became the first leader of the new company. In 1922 the company joined the Distillers Comapany, an organization of Scottish distillers, acquired in 1986 by Guinness and today the Diageo group.

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