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Lis Neris, a border cellar. Here the vineyards marks the rhythm of days and seasons, and here, from 1879, Lis Neris work with passion to take care of its grapes. Today is Alvaro Pecoraro to take charge of winery; failure surveyor and architect, around twenty-five years he decided to settle within the walls of the family business to expand and improve the project begun by his father in the seventies.

So the wine takes on the importance that the whole country knows and appreciates. The 60 hectares of vines grow in the most suited to a small plateau formed by gravel dragged downstream by the melting of glaciers. The proximity of the sea and fresh twenty Balkan offer the perfect temperature range, necessary to provide the great white wines, so Lis Neris and Friuli are so famous. The City of Corona and Romans, who are the hottest, are located the vineyards of red berries. The terroir and medium and the perfect exposure, allowed Alvaro Pecorari to cancel any work of weeding. Today the whole tradition of this area has been linked to innovation, and in the town of San Lorenzo was born the new winery Lis Neris. Here, the best winemaking techniques enhance the already magnificent fruits of the earth, giving balanced and harmonious wines.

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