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The origin of MARTIN MILLER'S GIN is is attributed to three distinguished English gentlemen, who gathered in Notting Hill, with a healthy respect of creating the best gin in the world, without asking any kind of limitation.

AND well, what would these "limitations" be? The first and most surprising is that the product of the distillation is sent to Iceland to mix it with the one that these be considered as the purest water and mild. While many of the dry gin are mixed with the demineralized water from the aqueduct, MARTIN MILLER'S GIN ago set sail a ship up to Iceland! It is said that this water is more pure, because filtered from volcanic rock. Second limitation: MARTIN MILLER'S GIN is distilled in an exclusive alembic, with its own name, Angela, who was hand-built over one hundred years ago by John Dore & Co, the "Rolls Royce" in the industry. The distillation, they realize traditionally, for batches, in the same system that is used for malt whisky. Anf they choose only a small part of what is distilled. In his recipe, in addition to berries, herbs, roots and spices, we encounter orange, lemon peel, cinnamon, coriander and nutmeg.

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