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From 1798 this Maison bears the name of its founder. From the beginning the business was prosperous, thanks to the quality of wines produced. Champagne Jacquesson was the favourite of Napoleon, and in 1810 the Emperor following his visit gave her the highest distinction to a commercial enterprise, a gold medal for "la Beauté et la Richesse de ses Caves".

Today the Maison Jacquesson & Fils is proud to follow in the footsteps of his glorious founders and concentrates its efforts on its annual output of around 350,000 bottles, with non-industrial processing methods, dedicated to the highest standards of quality. This ancient but small Maison of Dizy, on the outskirts of Ay, under the guidance of wise and ambitious brothers Chiquet, is undoubtedly one of the great realities of the Champagne region, and in spite of the success, the production has never been inflated.

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