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Filliers Dry Gin 28 uses 28 botanicals (although the name 28 is also a reference to the year 1928…) in addition to juniper in order to create this historic and traditional concoction. That’s not the only gin this Belgian distillery make either – their range is quite a treat!

Filliers is one of the oldest brands in the world, after Bols Genever amongst very few others. They now sell a variety of spirits from Genever through to Whisky, Vodka and Liqueurs. Their interesting story and longevity proves worthy of a condensed history lesson, so please grab a drink and settle in…

Whilst their gin was established and sold in 1928 it has kept rather quiet until more recent years… This was partly due to lack of interest in gin in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and partly because it was not exported to the UK. Filliers Dry Gin has only really been in the British market since 2012. This coy nature coincides with other aspects of Fillier’s best-kept secret, including the well-hidden botanical list. Based upon the 29th ingredient, juniper, the gin keeps a mild yet flavourful profile that we know includes citrus, spice and all things quite nice (herbs and roots too). Whilst each ingredient has been carefully picked, there does not appear to be anything too controversial added that can be detected on either the nose or the palate – no rare dragon fruit, snake oils, unicorn tears or other obscure references here – just traditional, tasty botanicals!

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