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This Gin was created by Henrik Hammer, Dane who for many years led tastings and seminars on Gin, whose mother owns a famous Gin Bar in Copenhagen. He thought the Geranium as a flavor suitable for Gin for some time, because the smell of the leaves reminded him of the smell of the same Gintonico. When Henrik has conducted a chemical analysis on the Geranium has discovered that his significant oils (geraniol, formate geraniol, linalool, rose oxide, Citronellol) are commonly found in fruits, vegetables and spices; so it concluded that it would be a flavor that could marry perfectly with a wide variety of preparations. 

Henrik father was a chemist who worked with essential oils perfume and for the food industry for decades. The team consists of father and son bought a five-liter copper pot still and began experimenting how best to develop and distill the Geranium, to extract its natural oils. Henrik wanted an authentic London Dry Gin so turned to a British distillery to produce his Gin, which in addition to Geranium, also uses other traditional botanists as the course juniper, coriander, lemon peel, angelica root, orris root, cassia bark and licorice. Plus a few secret ingredients that bring the total number to ten. The Geranium is harvested in Denmark and used fresh. Henrik noted that the concentration of oils varies greatly depending on the soil, the age and the season, so carefully monitors and sends the Geranium worked at the distillery. Geranium Gin is based on English and wheat alcohol is distilled in an old traditional copper pot still. The distillate batch concentrates are then elongated with the addition of neutral alcohol.

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