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Our distillery originates from 1658 and it's the second oldest distillery in the Netherlands. Still privately owned we produce genever and gin the way we think it should be. This means we only use fresh and natural ingredients, we bottle everything ourselves and we make every single distillate. No production is outsourced giving us full control over our quality standards. Currently we have 4 types of genever, 2 gins and a vodka.

Around 1700 the malt wine industry in Schiedam gained momentum and settled deep in the town’s roots. Back in 1883 Schiedam had no fewer than 400 distilleries and 20 mills operating. Nowadays, only a couple of distilleries survived and produce the vast majority of jenevers, vodka’s and liqueurs. Our boutique distillery is situated along the river “De Schie” and dates back to 1658 where you also encounter our colleagues from De Kuyper Royal Dutch Distillers and Nolet Distillery. What makes Onder De Boompjes Distillery special? Contrary to most other distilleries; we do produce our own maltwines and we fill our own bottles by hand. We check each and every bottle more than 6 times before it leaves Schiedam. Most distilleries producing Genever and Korenwijn buy their moutwijn in Belgium. We don't, and we never will. Because we believe we should make our own products, rather than just repackaging someone else's product. That makes our distillery a great distillery. The pure love and dedication for our products. Both our distillers John & Justus are innovating as madmen with their countless esprits and malt-combinations.

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