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VL92 Gin was born of the quest of two entrepreneurs to find their ultimate gin. Built upon a malt wine foundation, VL92 Gin has its roots in the Dutch genever tradition. The malt wine gives it its boldness; its complexity derives from the play between botanical elements that finish with the eccentric, citrusy endnote of a most surprising ingredient: coriander leaf. The gin is named after a historic Dutch sailing vessel whose freight contained exotic spices too daring for the local genever recipes - but wildly perfect for a VL92 Gin.

On May 15, 2012, the first shipment of VL92 Gin to be distributed outside of the Netherlands was delivered in London. The gin arrived in London on a historic Dutch ship, having set sail from its home base in Vlaardingen. Co-founder Sietze Kalkwijk presented the first box of VL92 Gin to the Artesian Bar team, led by world-famous bartender Alex Kratena. Due to popular demand in England, the creators of the Dutch VL92 Gin have arranged to have the gin cross the Channel - and to cross it in style. VL92 Gin is named after a historic sailing freighter from the Dutch town of Vlaardingen. On May 11, the original VL92 freighter will set sail for England along with two other historic Vlaardingen loggers, with the VL92 Gin on board. The VL92, nicknamed "The Balder", will take the lead, followed by "The Iris" and "The Galant".

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