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The company is based in Beaune, in the department of Cote-d'Or, in the south of Burgundy and the "domaine" is located at Aloxe-Corton, a tiny village of 180 inhabitants, known worldwide for its fantastic wines: we are in the Cote-de-Beaune not far from the Cote-de-Nuit; from these vineyards, along with the vineyards of Bordeaux, the best wines of France comes. The "Domaine" Latour was born in 1797 and since then, through 10 generations, has always been owned by the Latour family. In 1997, on the bicentennial of its birth, it has entered into the select Club des Henokiens, which includes all the companies in the world that belong to the same family for over 200 years.

The vineyards of the "Domaine" cover an area of 50 hectares scattered in the Cote-d'Or, in the Ardeche and the Var, thus constituting the largest "Domaine" of France as a 1er Grand Cru. The vineyards are cultivated two types of grapes, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir; 28 different parcels that make up the present vineyard soils with different characteristics according to the different mix of the three main elements that compose them: limestone, clay and silica. Each of these elements contributes to form the organoleptic characteristics of the wine: the sand favors the light and crisp wines, limestone promotes the formation of sugars and powerful aromas, silicon promotes the strength of the great red wines. The cellar, in Aloxe-Corton was built in 1832 and is the oldest winery in activity across the region, but the equipment inside are among the most modern and advanced in existence. The winery is designed so that the whole handling of the product, from the press to the vat, is made only by gravity. These wines, both whites and reds, can be counted among the most prestigious French wines, being famous and sought after by connoisseurs around the world, reaching, in particular vintages, staggering prices.

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