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His name is Vittorio, the more loyal they call him John, but for all is the Kaiser. Let's talk about Vittorio Capovilla, the master of spirits, the man that the excellence of the raw material and the purity of the distilled makes reason for living. The distillery is located in several rooms behind the Villa Dolfin, an imposing building of 1700 deployed in Rosà (VI), the road that leads there is unpaved, no signs or signs, but no problem: in distillation period just follow your nose fumes etiliche, otherwise just ask the first passerby, Capovilla is an institution!

When you think back to its past his eyes shine and transmits energy contaminant: he says happily, how in the 70's approaching the world of distillation, when selling machines for oenology in Austria and Germany, knows many tenants who are distillers and experiences himself this activity. For him, the fruit is a mixed blessing, since it spends most of his time in the obsessive search of rare fruits and fruit wild: from Romania to Vesuvius so here's the wild raspberries (a rarity: to make a liter of distilled purity it it takes 50 pounds), Saturn peaches, the rowan dell'Uccellatore, cherries and sour cherries, apricots pellecchielle, bananine the Caribbean, pears honey and Williams, but also grape marc Isabella Marostica (Vi) the winery Maculan and why not beer; he returns on time by his friends that farmers now know for years and follow its rules of cultivation, and when the fruit reaches the right degree of ripeness, are immediately processed and handled as little as possible. Hence the fermentation and distillation in a water bath with a double pass and maturation in steel drums. Each distillate is bottled and corked by hand, with the cork engraved by scalpel, tied and finally sealed with sealing wax of different color for the type of product, so as to distinguish it more easily; all labels are written by hand on each one of them are given information and dates also useful to trace the origin of the content.

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