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The Encantada spirit. Our key words are: authenticity, tradition and expertise. We only select for you armagnacs directly from producers. They distill this nectar at the heart of the estates, using a travelling still called “alambic”. Aged in their cellar, the armagnac maturates in Gascony oak casks.

Contrary to other wine producers, this step is the hallmark of Armagnac makers and there is not, among the best, producers which are not concerned by this final step. Carefully selected by our cellar master. The Encantada’s armagnacs have been carefully selected by our cellar master. They are bottled at cask strength. This permits to preserve colour and alcohol content. We particularly take care that all our armagnacs are bottled in our cellar in order to you discover an exceptional craft and have a firsthand taste of this more than 700 years old “eau-de-vie” made in the old  artisanal way.

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