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Founded in 1996 by Charles Maxwell and other 4 associated, Thames Distillers Ltd of London is among the most important manufacturers of Gin and Vodka of the United Kingdom. Maxwell is a Master Distiller at the 8th generation and boasts 30 years of experience beyond compare, 300 years of family traditions, recipes and knowledges who date back to the 17th century.

The company aims to create, produce and bottle top spirits tailored to its clients, both local and international brands. To date, the Thames Distillers offers consulting services and specialized services to about 60 brands in order to create higher quality spirits, often critically acclaimed in the most prestigious competitions. The company has advanced equipment for the production of every type of distillate and liquor but the two stills from 500 litres stainless steel, called Tom Thumb and Thumbelina dates back to 1984 and tell of love and passion for this noble and ancient craft."

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