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May we make a few introductions? Since humble beginnings back in 1769, the Gordon's range has undergone several changes, including the fashionable Shaker cocktail range of the 1920s and 30s, and the curious Orange gin of later years. In 1769, Alexander Gordon founded his world famous distillery in the Southwark area of London. He went on to lay the foundations for the creation of the style of gin for which the English became renowned. Happily, the exacting standards which Alexander Gordon set are maintained to this day. Gordon's® is triple distilled to guarantee the purity of the gin, and the exact blend of our botanicals has remained a closely guarded secret.

Gin didn't have the most auspicious of beginnings. Its invention is credited to Dutch medicine man Dr Sylvius (not his real name, one suspects) in the 17th century. The good doctor peddled his sickly-sweet concoction as a patented cure for all kinds of ailments, including lumbago, gallstones and, most fantastically of all, 'the insufferability of being trapped in one's own body - forever.' It first spread to England through soldiers who had looted it from their vanquished Dutch counterparts (giving rise to the name 'Dutch Courage'). When William of Orange later occupied the British throne, he encouraged the spread of gin to such an extent that, by the first half of the 18th century, over half the drinking establishments in London were gin houses. Quaffing of this cheap, unrefined spirit reached such epidemic proportions that several acts of parliament were passed to bring consumption under control.

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