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The Ornellaia Estate was created in 1981 and is located near the picturesque village of Bolgheri, on the unspoilt Tuscan coast. The uniqueness of the area was epitomized by the famous poet Giosuè Carducci who gave eternal fame to the monumental Cypress Avenue leading up to Bolgheri. The coastal plain is a natural refuge to numerous migratory birds and other protected species. In the midst of all this natural beauty lie the vineyards of  Ornellaia.

The production philosophy of the Estate is focused on one objective: quality. This can only be achieved by taking a sequence of important decisions that start in the vineyard and all revolve around a strong attention to detail. Along the process, no short cuts are allowed. It is thanks to these actions that the best possible grapes, given the climatic characteristics of the vintage, can be obtained. At the beginning of September the grapes are picked, having been chosen thanks to a mixture of analytical and empirical tests. Tasting the grapes, in particular, allows us to better understand the ripeness of the tannins and the balance of the fruits, and therefore determine when to harvest and how to vinify each separate parcel. Every single grape will undergo a double selection: a first sorting table checks the quality of each bunch; a second one rechecks each individual grape, removing even the smallest bit of vegetation. The grapes of each parcel are then fermented separately, as each base wine represents the different facets linked to that particular part of the vineyard: from the soil to the exposure to the sun, and of course the grapes that grow there, namely Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. Only after one year of ageing in barrel the base wines will be blended together, respecting two primary criteria: firstly to express the elegant style and spirit of Ornellaia, and secondly to do so in the style of the vintage. In this case, attention to details also means that whilst all grapes begin life with the objective of being used to make Ornellaia, not all achieve the levels of quality and character required to become part of the final blend. If they are deemed not to be of sufficient quality they will, instead, be used in the blend of Ornellaia’s second wine Le Serre Nuove dell’Ornellaia. This “second vin” was born in fact in 1997, a 5-star vintage, following the decision to make an even more drastic selection during the blending of the base wines for Ornellaia. And finally, there’s Le Volte, a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese which finely combines the best terroirs of Tuscany with a Mediterranean richness of complexity and structure. Ornellaia is commited to the pursuit of excellence. Every decision made in the vineyards, in the winery and in the market place, however small, has an influence on the quality and reputation of Ornellaia. Distinct in style and unique in origin, Ornellaia’s wines are inspired by nature and perfected by man.

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