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Negociant haute couture, this is the most appropriate definition and closer to the eclectic character that describe Dominique Laurent. Just because Laurent represents the revaluation of the highest category of " not vignerons ." The landless are often content with what they are winemakers or owners of land at the secondary and then bottle it under their own name or trademark . No, Dominique Laurent is not satisfied with what is around the corner.

The job of a refiner ( éleveur ) led instead to the maximum expression of the term, going to buy the wine produced by talented winemakers in the most prestigious appellations of Burgundy and then personally ageing in his famous "Magic Casquè" , as they are sometimes called its barrel , or pièces, which now produces at its Tonnellerie personally . This step is critical to the care and development of the product , not content even more to buy the wood from other cooperage , even the best ever. The pursuit of perfection haut couture gets up further with the clothing that Laurent chooses for his bottles , from the elegant classicism of the labels , sometimes very different , as if to emphasize some excellent and some he wants to diversify , then coming to the refined colored papers that eventually envelop the precious bottle. Nothing superficial, utmost care of every detail to re-evaluate all aspects of the wine purchased.

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