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The name, “Yamazaki”, comes from the land of Yamazaki, the hometown of Japanese whisky, and the Yamazaki Distillery located there. Single malt is a whisky which expresses the entire distillery. The confidence and pride of the land and the distillery are contained in the name, “Yamazaki”.

The stalwart calligraphy is done by Keizo Saji, the father of the “Yamazaki” brand and the second company president, when he was serving as a master blender. It presents Suntory’s passion and the feeling of celebrating the launching of the first Japanese single malt. “Yamazaki” was born in 1984. It was the time when Japan’s high economic growth period was at a peak, and the criteria of abundance were moving from national to individual levels. In this time of diversifying values, single malt with a strong character was preferred. “Yamazaki” was a new step forward on the part of Japanese whisky, and of Keizo Saji, who sensed the mood of the era.

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