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HISTORY OF HOPE AND COMMITMENT. A way of understanding life. When Vega Sicilia became part of the Álvarez family's life in 1982, the foundations were laid for TEMPOS Vega Sicilia. It has constantly and steadily grown since then, involving the introduction of wines produced in different wine-making areas, reaching out to new consumers around the world and laying the foundations for a promising and highly successful future.

From its location in the Ribera del Duero, an area of community interest for the European Union, the estate is managed from a prism of absolute respect for the environment and surroundings. A series of targets has been set that range from enhancing the natural system and the different habitats of the estate to a system to prevent forest fires, and including managing the vines in a way that is adapted to the soil and climate of the area or planting oak and cork woodland. As regards the wine-growing area, special mention should be made of solely organic fertilization of the land, of the absence of herbicides and of the rational fight against plagues and diseases based on biological fighting techniques.

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